Glass Sauna

Glass Sauna

Using glass panels more than 50% of the build that are specially designed as a protector of the sauna room without reducing the function of the sauna room itself. Sauna glass is a new development that is in great demand following the development of sauna trends. GRANDSAUNA glass or windows are specially designed for sauna rooms. Only efficient insulated glass units are used in our sauna panels or windows. So that the health function of the sauna itself remains effective. Sauna glass uses a sauna furnace and sauna stone as a heating source.


The application of glass and stone surfaces may exist in the sauna room with a condition that all walls and ceilings must go through a thermal insulation process.

GRAND SAUNA offers the best quality sauna room construction services with designs that can be tailored to the customer’s wishes. We always prioritize safety and beauty in every process of making our sauna, starting from: choice of wood and material, construction, finishing, machine installation, supply, to maintenance and repair.

We guarantee consistent safety and quality whether it’s a sauna for a private home, hotel, business place, or spa from the site plan concept to the execution.

Design Sauna Glass

Sauna Benefits

The health benefits of this sauna include:

  • Reduce Stress.
  • Removing Toxins from the Body.
  • Makes Skin Smooth and Soft.
  • Stimulates the muscles.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Lose Weight (You can lose half a kilogram of body weight in an hour of sauna).
  • The heat makes the body’s circulatory system work harder and makes your heart healthy.

Materials dan Others

The choice of wood type can change the feel of the room and provide a different finish, the choice of wood can use Pine Wood, Ramin Wood, or Sungkai Wood. Coatings can be added for maximum results.

The doors and sides of the sauna room are made using variations of glass that are specially designed to protect the sauna room without reducing the function of the sauna room itself, as well as for the aesthetics of the sauna room design.

The choice of a traditional sauna room heater must be in accordance with the capacity and size of the sauna room. The MAXER sauna furnace is designed with the best technology that delivers a strong, durable and safe engine for heat. For more details, please visit our partner MAXER at: