Hammam Room

Hammam Dry

Hammams are divided into 2 types, based on the type of air. Hot dry steam and hot moist steam. Some use cold water pools and some have cold water sources in them. Similar to a steam room but different nuances.

GRAND SAUNA offers the best quality hammam room construction services with designs that can be tailored to the customer’s wishes. We always prioritize safety and beauty in every process of making our hammams, starting from: choice of marble and materials, construction, finishing, machine installation, supply, to maintenance and repair.

We guarantee consistent safety and quality whether it’s a hammam for a private house, hotel, business place, or spa from the site plan concept to the execution.

Hammam Room Designs

Hammam Room Health Benefits

The health benefits of this steam hammam include::

  • Relaxing body muscles.
  • Remove all toxins in the body through sweat.
  • Maintain stamina.
  • Cure breathing problems.
  • Keep your skin moist and youthful.

Hammam steam baths are distinguished by their focus on water, as well as the atmosphere and steam conditions that differ from Steam.

Material & Others

The choice of stone and ceramic types can change the feel of the room and provide a different finish. Very varied and can be adjusted starting from the pattern, color, and texture of the selected stone or ceramic surface.

The choice of glass for the walls and doors of the steam room can adjust to the budget and nuances of the desired room design.

Steam bath, which is a wet steam bath, is very useful for maintaining body stamina and for detoxification. The MAXER steam generator engine can make smoother and more comfortable steam. For more details, please visit our partner MAXER at: http://www.maxerheaterjakarta.com