Onsen is the Japanese term for hot springs and baths where hot water comes out of the earth. Inns that have hot springs are called onsen inns.

Onsen Pool Designs

Onsen Benefits

The health benefits of onsen include:

  • The body becomes cleaner and fresher.
  • Relaxes tense muscles.
  • Provides a relaxing effect to relieve stress.
  • Prevent insomnia (sleep disorders).
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Fighting aging, onsen is able to provide a relaxing effect for the body.

Material & Others

To make a pool requires good calculations to get maximum circulation and water quality, we can help from pool design to pipe and circulation installation so that the final result will be able to satisfy you.

The choice of ceramic or tiles for the pool can give a special feel according to the design you want, the use of this ceramic can also affect the color of the water. We together with EZARRI can provide various options and options for the right choice of ceramics.

To achieve a good level of water clarity and cleanliness, filters and pumps are needed that are suitable for the size and type of pool. We together with a team of professional pool specialists can ensure the correct use of pumps and filters, so that optimal water conditions for their use can be achieved. Not only that, pumps and filters can also be more durable and efficient in terms of energy and water use.

The water in the onsen has a high temperature that will provide relaxation and comfort, the choice of heating machines varies, you can use a gas, electric or heat-pump engine. Our professional team of pool construction specialists can help you to ensure maximum results efficiently.