Our Culture


Quality Team For Future

We form a team of successful professionals in a fun and productive environment so that they are able to provide high loyalty, responsibility and commitment in every department.

By increasing our team strength we keep growing with innovation and improvement in product development.

With the expertise and knowledge in creating quality design it will maximize our product value for our customers. GRANDSAUNA is different with our unique high quality products from the design stage to build.

Various stages of the checking process are carried out until the product is ready to be handed over and used by consumers, starting from the design of beauty, tidiness, strength, security and comfort. (Keindahan, Kerapihan, Kekuatan, Keamanan dan Kenyamanan) 5K is the stage of the Grand Sauna quality process.

Beauty of Innovation

Our Core Values and Principes

Grand Sauna has a foundation that combines beauty, strength, comfort and safety in the most innovative ways, which is a gift that will continue to reside in the hearts of our consumers with its charm.

We give a commitment to consumers by only prioritizing quality, and avoiding shortcuts to make big profits just for business purposes. For years we have been trying to create a product that is beautiful, safe and durable for consumers who use it.

Sauna, Steam, Whirlpool, Heater and Sauna Equipment Specialists who Produce Quality and Classy Products with the Design of Spa Architects for Your Business and Dream Home Needs Loyalty, responsibility and high commitment.
Indonesia – South Jakarta

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