Outdoor Sauna


Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor Sauna is a sauna room that is made to be placed outside the building and is independent. Outdoor type saunas can also be placed inside the building for an open-space feel.

GRAND SAUNA offers the best quality sauna room construction services with designs that can be tailored to the customer’s wishes. We always prioritize safety and beauty in every process of making our sauna, starting from: choice of wood and material, construction, finishing, machine installation, supply, to maintenance and repair.

We guarantee consistent safety and quality whether it’s a sauna for a private home, hotel, business place, or spa from the site plan concept to the execution.

Sauna Benefits

The health benefits of this sauna include:


Materials dan Others


The choice of wood type can change the feel of the room and provide a different finish, the choice of wood can use Pine Wood, Ramin Wood, or Sungkai Wood. Coatings can be added for maximum results.


The choice of outdoor sauna room doors can be adjusted to the budget and feel of the desired room design. The choice of door material can use Wooden Doors, Doors with Windows, or Glass Doors.

Sauna Stove

The choice of a traditional sauna room heater must be in accordance with the capacity and size of the sauna room. The MAXER sauna furnace is designed with the best technology that delivers a strong, durable and safe engine. For more details, please visit our partner MAXER at: https://maxerindonesia.com/

Sauna Room Design

We can accept custom designs according to consumer requests by consulting our Spa Architect team.

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