Sauna Accessories

Sauna Accessories

To complement your sauna, we also provide sauna accessories that provide usability and aesthetics for the feel of your sauna room. Starting from the sauna bucket, ladle, foot bowl, thermometer, hygrometer, hourglass, sauna stone, and others.

Sauna Accessories Types

Sauna Benefits

The health benefits of this sauna include:

  • Reduce Stress.
  • Removing Toxins from the Body.
  • Makes Skin Smooth and Soft.
  • Stimulates the muscles.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Lose Weight (You can lose half a kilogram of body weight in an hour of sauna).
  • The heat makes the body’s circulatory system work harder and makes your heart healthy.

GRANDSAUNA believes that small things can make a big impact on your spa experience and comfort. Therefore we provide a variety of spa accessories starting from buckets, ladles, thermometres, sauna stones, etc.

Material & Kelengkapan

The sauna bucket and ladle serve to hold the water used to water the sauna stones to generate steam and regulate the humidity of the sauna space.

Hourglass is very important to complete your sauna room, with this special hourglass, you can sauna according to the optimum time that will give maximum results.

Sauna stones are placed on containers in the sauna furnace, which serve to absorb, store and transmit heat to the sauna space. Quality sauna stones will be able to provide more optimal and durable sauna results.

The sauna thermometer is used to determine the temperature of the sauna room so that you can adjust and set the appropriate and consistent temperature for a comfortable sauna experience.

Similar to a thermometer but instead of room temperature, the Hygrometer measures the humidity level of sauna room.