Sauna Equipment

Sauna Equipment

The MAXER sauna stove was specially created because of the need for high quality machines that support the vision and mission of the parent company. MAXER is designed with the best technology that delivers a powerful, durable and safe engine. The type of sauna furnace can be adjusted according to the class (standard, premium, premium plus) and the needs according to the type and size of your sauna room.

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MAXER’s Sauna Stove Types

Sauna Benefits

The health benefits of this sauna include:

  • Reduce Stress.
  • Removing Toxins from the Body.
  • Makes Skin Smooth and Soft.
  • Stimulates the muscles.
  • Boost immunity.
  • Lose Weight (You can lose half a kilogram of body weight in an hour of sauna).
  • The heat makes the body’s circulatory system work harder and makes your heart healthy.

Materials dan Others

Top Cover is made of stainless steel, serves as a container for the sauna stone, made separately from the body panel with a larger stone storage capacity, so that the heat spread faster and that the heater element is well maintained and does not come into direct contact with the sauna stone, so that the heating element can last longer.

Analog thermostat that can be set for automatic protection from overheating. It is more durable than a single function thermostat (cannot be adjusted) This is very important for the use of a sauna stove in addition to providing maximum heat but can still be controlled automatically to avoid overheating of the sauna stove which might result in a fire in the sauna wood.

The heater terminal box is separate on the side, so that the element is more durable. (the element wear due to excessive watering). Digital Panel Controller is slimmer and smaller. Equipped with a digital thermostat to control room temperature according to the heat we want. Very easy to use, even for beginners. Functions to turn on/off and control sauna room temperature as we want.