Steam Equipment


Steam Equipment

Steam is a way of taking a wet steam bath, very beneficial for maintaining stamina and for detoxification. MAXER provides a steam generator that functions to spray hot steam from the nozzle which will even out the room heat according to the desired temperature.

Our Steam Generator tool is equipped with digital and analog room temperature settings to regulate the temperature so that the it’s not too excessive, protecting the generator from damage as well. The soft and gentle steam function provides a continuous touch of humidity at the set temperature for an optimal steam bath environment.

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Steam Benefits

The health benefits of this steam include:


Material & Others

Stainless Steel & Temperature Control

Our steam generator engine tank uses stainless steel material and is equipped with a temperature control setting for the steam tank to prevent the steam tank from getting too hot so that the life of the heater element can be more durable.

Digital Control Panel

The Digital Panel Controller Steam Bath is equipped with automatic settings for steam room measurements using sensor cables installed on the steam room ceiling. The additional installation of the Nozzle on the steam jet makes the steam smooth and soft to provide a continuous touch of humidity according to the set temperature to get an optimal steam bath environment.


Exhaust Fan

For the MGH Type steam generator, equipped with an Exhaust Fan as a cooler, it makes the steam generator component room cooler, there is good air circulation, so it is more durable. It has Double water level control, so the machine work is not too heavy.

Steam Generator

The MAXER steam generator has a minimalist design but can produce smoother and more comfortable steam. The MAXER steam generator has an exhaust fan and is the best choice for maximum results.

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