Why Choose Us

Product Safety and Quality

Ensuring the safety and quality of our products has always been at the core of our business and is directly linked to the success of The Company.

Innovation and Custom Design

Product design starts with an understanding of the client. We maintain materials and processes manufacturing to create innovative products.

Good Customer Service

We continue to deliver quality after sales services through comprehensive ways of support services to provide optimal customer experience.


Creating an International Class Design

We formed a design team consisting of professionals who specialize in Spa Architects, that is what distinguishes us from the others. Starting from making room: traditional Sauna, Sauna glass, Steam, Steam shower, Hammam, etc. Designed by specialist teams in the Spa field, beautiful and perfect works will be loved by Grandsauna consumers.

We have been producer for various projects; Hotels, Spa facility, Residences, Clinic and Hospital which has long been trusted in Indonesia.

Our products consist of quality materials with international standards and are environmentally friendly that have gone through various experiences : Measurable Quality, R & D for Heater dan Wood, The best types of wood according to consumer choices made by expert wood craftsmen, Good after-sales service with guaranteed spare parts.


We have a high commitment from design to manufacture by going through the stages of checking process until the product is ready, handed over and used by consumers. We make sure consumers are satisfied with the 5K service (beauty, neatness, strength, safety and comfort) stages of the GRANDSAUNA quality process. We are committed to our customers by prioritizing quality and avoiding shortcuts just for business gain. For years we have been trying to create a product that is high quality, beautiful, safe and durable.

Continuous Improvement

The strength and motor of the Grandsauna are our professionals who make continuous improvements every day for customer satisfaction. Everything is good, nothing is less than satisfactory, in order to achieve our consumers’ trust in Grand Sauna which has never been interrupted until now.

Sauna, Steam, Whirlpool, Heater and Sauna Equipment Specialists who Produce Quality and Classy Products with the Design of Spa Architects for Your Business and Dream Home Needs Loyalty, responsibility and high commitment.
Indonesia – South Jakarta

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