Word from the Founder

“Starting with good intention and get good result.”

The little one with extraordinary will, we breakthrough sauna and steam business as a pioneer with commitment to achieve our goal. Everything starts small, with discipline and commitment, all struggles will not be in vain. Because it is our responsibility to grow bigger, that’s what motivates our team. To be the best business without compromising safety and comfort for customers.

Starting from the materials we use no matter how small we are detail oriented on each stages until finishing. Everything goes through testing and our standard for eco friendly and quality.

grand sauna 1-03

Because there is no product in the world that holds the best quality if continuous development is not applied. We do it for customer satisfaction and to build our reputation and trust with our customers.

Started with the first business  GRANDSAUNA since 2007 we have been producing high quality and luxurious sauna for Hotels, Apartment and Residences.

Making design that is different from others for sauna enthusiast is not an easy task.

We are reminded of old style of sauna. Closed, dark lighting, with puddles, darkened wood absorbing sweat and odors make really bad sauna experience on top of safety risk if technically the sauna electrical system doesn’t meet sauna standard or if the heater does not have two thermostat to prevent fire hazard.

We are inspired to innovate and create sauna that is Safe, Hygienic, and with international quality standard.

GRANDSAUNA presents new designs that is different and we educate sauna and steam users to achieve best experience. We always give our best for customer satisfaction.

There are many sauna makers that attempted to copy GRANDSAUNA’s design but not one can follow our consistency against our standard. After seeing you will know the difference. With our professional SPA architects support the resulting design will be beautiful and enjoyed by GRANDSAUNA lovers.